:::Stephanie::: (stephaniepirate) wrote in froufroufanatic,

may 16th, orlando florida.

soo, i'm seeing imogen in about two weeks... i cannot wait! i also have no idea what to expect. i wonder what songs she plays?? ahh, it will be such an experience. i'll be sure to sneak in my camera and catch some pics of the lady herself.

oh yeah, and my show is 18+.. i've never been to one of those. do they actually ask for your ID? (i'm of age so its ok..hah..just curious!)
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YOu have aboslutely no idea how jelous I am.

I hope you have an amazing time!

As far as I know they do check, well they do here in B.C. I went to a show at a place that serves alcohol and thats the only reason why
I'm seeing her too yay! I went to The Social for Tegan and Sara. They did ask for my ID, but I look like I'm about 15 and I'm really 19 so... it might just be if you look young.
How exiting....I'm jealous, I'd enjoy a show of her for sure, I've only heard good things about her shows.

Have a good time and give us a review afterwards!