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I'm uploading videos onto YouTube of Imogen Heap's performance @ the Marquee Theatre last Thursday.

What I have:
and I have good videos. I thank my friend Mary for actually handling the camera.

(click on the link, and you'll be directed to that YouTube page on my account!)
Come Here Boy
Loose Ends
Speeding Cars
Daylight Robbery (3 parts: (1)an intro which leads to a messup, It's entertaining, (2)a short clip, and (3)the ending)
the "Goodbye"

I do have a couple of videos from Coachella as well as the first song she played an A Capella version of Just For Now [incredibly done] which need to be edited up into clips so that YouTube will accept them. Gotta get a better computer to do this than mine. =\

afterwards she came back onstage to perform another song. I don't remember which one right now. I met a couple of iBabblers there, and one of them asked and received the set list. =\ I collect those. Alas I have to contact her.

Zoe Keating is amazing. If you haven't checked out her music (myspace: ) please do. However, I must say, live Zoe Keating is an overwhelming, yet calming experience. I love cello, and she does nothing but make it work.

The only sad thing about the venue was the amount of people talking throughout the show. Imogen Heap speaks so softly sometimes that she's barely noticed among the hissy chatter in the back of the room. The other downside: Too much bass was applied during "Goodnight and Go". It wasn't pleasing for me.

Otherwise the energy she has was unleashed on the crowd and everyone was wowed. And that rhyme was unintentional. I cannot imagine how the whole set up actually works together - there are probably 100,000 things that can go wrong. And even if a couple of them go wrong, she continues to play with her heart completely in it. I noticed a few times when the "Parrot" of hers was still playing a sample she didn't want to be played. She kinda glanced up at the speakers and wondered what was happening and just shrugged her shoulders.

I've been busy.

But enjoy them people. You're Fanatics.

::: FFF :::
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