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Immi collaborates with J.Peter Schwalm - 16.06.05

Imogen has collaborated on a track entitled 'P.I.N.' on J.Peter Schwalm's new album 'Musikain'. The album is available from iTunes UK here and iTunes USA here and you can also buy the track Immi performs on individually.

'tis true.

Also, I read "in my studio working on this b-side for headlock..."

Looks like there's another single coming out. It seems as if she's going the vocal acapella approach "Beats and all! harmonies, chanting..." Someone on i-Babble made a reference to Bjork's Medulla, however if I could get a video on Youtube of her performance of "Just For Now" from either Coachella or the Marquee theatre I would. I just don't have progs to splice the video. Anyhow, she's on a roll, releasing and creating new music all the time.

I lost my train of thought and I need to go burn a CD of my cover tunes.
I plan on doing some covers of Imogen Heap's songs too... don't hate me for it, I'm just trying them out. =)

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