Justin (redplatypus01) wrote in froufroufanatic,

Thought id share how Frou Frou influenced me

If you could pick 3 albums that have influenced your life the most...what would they be and why?

1) Frou Frou - Details: This album sparked my interest in different types of music. Before Frou Frou i mainly just listened to mainstream pop but the different sounds of Frou Frou had me look for music from different genres and countries.

2) Prozzak - Hot Show: I got this CD after i fell in love with their Simon and Milo CD. This CD made me completely grow up from my younger music years. Their lyrics were a bit adult so it helped me realize i was mature enough for new music. This album made me realize i was ready to listen to new music and grow up some. Plus it established Prozzak as my fave band.

3) Utada Hikaru - Exodus: This is one of the most creative albums i have. Each song is so unique and different. It opened me up to more expeirmental music. After this album i yearned for more creative things and variety.
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