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I'm not sure how many of you have myspace and have Imogen as a friend, but there was a bulletin posted today.. this news is probably on her website too. But I thought I'd share. It's such exciting news!

Subject: Canada/US Tour Dates!!
Body: Hello Duckies -

It's that time of year. Here's the Canada/US tour dates for November and December of this year. Ticket information will be up soon and remember, www.imogenheap.com is a plethora of information!

Nov. 2006
07 Montreal, QC
08 Toronto, ON
10 Philadelphia, PA
11 Boston, MA
12 New York, NY
15 Norfolk, VA
16 Asheville, NC
18 New Orleans, LA
19 Atlanta, GA
20 Nashville, TN
22 Houston, TX
24 Dallas, TX
27 Albuquerque, NM
28 Phoenix, AZ

Dec. 2006
05 Portland, OR
06 Seattle, WA
08 Salt Lake City, UT
10 Denver, CO
12 Larence, KS
13 St. Louis, MO
15 Minneapolis, MN
16 Milwaukee, WI
18 Royal Oak, MI

Remember, Imogen has a UK tour in October and tickets are still available for those dates. More information along with links to ticket purchasing can be found at www.imogenheap.com, cheers.

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