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I'm doing 15 things at once...

Have you heard "Glittering Cloud"??

AhMyGod it's amazing! It's really inspirational.

It's available on her myspace for a listen
ahh I tried to embed the Myspace player, but it won't let me.

anyhow: Imogen's Myspace currently has the song "Glittering Cloud" up - a new composition which... [I'm distracted! I keep wanting to listen but I gotta finish this]

The song is one of ten on the Margate Exodus Plague Songs CD. The song she performed was an original take on the Glittering Cloud about the Plague of Locusts.

Here's what the website says:
[[ click here ]]

Ten international singer-songwriters have each been commissioned by Artangel to write and record a song inspired by one of the ten biblical plagues. Following the original biblical order of the plagues, Plague Songs opens with Klashnekoff’s menacing Blood, via King Creosote’s bewitching Relate the Tale (Frogs) and Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt’s insistent Flies, Laurie Anderson’s mournful The Fifth Plague (Death of Livestock) and Imogen Heap’s mesmeric Glittering Cloud (Locusts) to Scott Walker’s evocation of Darkness and Rufus Wainwright’s tragic Katonah (Death of The Firstborn).

On 30 September 2006 as part of Exodus Day local singers and musicians performed their own versions of the original Plague Songs at a concert at the Winter Gardens in Margate. The concert was produced by Musical Director David Coulter and Vocal Director Mary King.

1. Klashnekoff : Blood [Plague of Blood]
2. King Creosote : Relate The Tale [Plague of Frogs]
3. Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields) : The Meaning of Lice [Plague of Lice]
4. Brian Eno & Robert Wyatt : Flies [Plague of Flies]
5. Laurie Anderson : The Fifth Plague [Death of Livestock]
6. Cody ChesnuTT : Boils [Plague of Boils]
7. The Tiger Lillies : Hailstones [Plague of Hail]
8. Imogen Heap : Glittering Cloud [Plague of Locusts]
9. Scott Walker : Darkness [Plague of Darkness]
10. Rufus Wainwright : Katonah [Death of The Firstborn]

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