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"Headlock" B-side

Is currently on Imogen's myspace.
And has been Lathed (7" Record) and Zapped onto Compact Discs and is readied for distribution over hyper text transfer protcols (http/ the internet). The latter two which I appreciate much moreso.

also, if you've heard "Dirty Mind" (Grammy Winning tune) by Jeff Beck, you might understand "Mic Check", the B-Side for "Headlock" more appropriately. It's an escapade into... making a mic check menially musical.

Audiophiles, beware, Imogen Heap sounds better in Surround Sound!
Apparently, the rumour mill (not the American Rumor Mill) has produced a tale of a future-release, a DVD with live performances, either a DVD-Audio, or possible DVD-Video.

If you've not experienced music in surround, please do so. I have been mixing some projects, including my own songs in Surround Sound and it is a treat. This is a bit of a personal rant, but I believe there is a future with surround recordings with BlueRay technology hitting the markets. I want to be the Engineer mixing Imogen's records for a Surround format - mainly because there's a lot of potential ruination with her songs.

[/end rant]

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