Immi is nominated for TWO Grammys!!

We're stupidly excited to announce that Immi has been nominated for not one, but two grammy awards!!

Immi will battle it out in the 'Best New Artist' category and the 'Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media (Cant Take It In from The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe)' - what a mouthful!

This comes as rather nice early present for Immi, who celebrates her birthday on Saturday!

Immi's myspace message!

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"Speak For Yourself" Review, in 5.1 -- Surround Sound

It is not very often I will tell someone that they're really missing out on something, because then I sound like a prick and I don't like making enemies.

But if you've never heard an album in Surround Sound (5.1, 6.1, 7.1), either from an SACD (Super Audio CD), a DVD-Audio or even a Live Performance DVD - you're really missing out. (unless it's mixed poorly, then you're just hearing surround-sound-suck)

I have spent the last couple of hours, taking breaks, listening to "Speak For Yourself" encoded/matrixed into a 5.1 system at 85 dB (a good amount of loudness), and listening to what's being drawn into each speaker.

I am thoroughly impressed by what I heard. It's almost as if she mixed it in Surround and recorded it in Stereo.... I was hearing isolation of the Piano in the back speakers, the synthesizers in the Left Center Right speakers, and the Lead vocals sat well in the Center speaker. The background vocals shifted, depending on the song, between the Surround speakers and the Left/Right stereo pair.

The only thing I couldn't enjoy was on 2 songs, the vocals were totally washed up in the center speaker with a LOT of busy drums, bass, synths and background vocals. Much of the Heavy guitar parts (Goodnight and Go, Daylight Robbery) were completely stripped of their power and kinda died... instead of Roaring, they timidly purred.

Yet, it wasn't even intended to sound like this.

What I did notice was she likes triangles. That really adds a nice flavor to a song. =)

But, because of the isolation of bass (SUBWOOFERS were movin' a lot), there was one problem: parts where the bass wasn't a priority, the very crunchy, loud angry parts shot to the rear/surround speakers and those Peaks of the song just shot behind my head and made me jump a few times. Also, there were moments when I remember feeling a powerful drop-in with the bass and vocals and drums on my 2-speakers at home... and the subwoofers were barely moving compared to the rest of the speakers. When I figured out why I felt like a geek and I don't want to publicly explore that geekiness with everyone who reads this. Embarassed

The isolation of Frequencies and panning/stereo-imaging allowed me to hear so much more Background vocal parts - some moments where it was so beautiful and spaced out in one scale. Hearing a piano part clearly in the surround speakers, uncluttered by drums and vocals, it really did feel like immi was a whole band, separated between keys, vocals, and different synthesizers and mmmbira.

I hope that nobody here has to go through their life unaware of the quality of this record... it's pretty insane how it worked.

And to prove it's not isolated, Jamie Cullum's "twentysomething" and Annie's "Anniemal" also worked very well in surround. But this one, by itself, was layered and fit so well in stereo, it breathed much more in a 3-dimensional sonic field.

I feel more like an Audio Engineer now than I ever have.

I lurve (5.1, 6.1, 7.1)

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"Headlock" B-side

Is currently on Imogen's myspace.
And has been Lathed (7" Record) and Zapped onto Compact Discs and is readied for distribution over hyper text transfer protcols (http/ the internet). The latter two which I appreciate much moreso.

also, if you've heard "Dirty Mind" (Grammy Winning tune) by Jeff Beck, you might understand "Mic Check", the B-Side for "Headlock" more appropriately. It's an escapade into... making a mic check menially musical.

Audiophiles, beware, Imogen Heap sounds better in Surround Sound!
Apparently, the rumour mill (not the American Rumor Mill) has produced a tale of a future-release, a DVD with live performances, either a DVD-Audio, or possible DVD-Video.

If you've not experienced music in surround, please do so. I have been mixing some projects, including my own songs in Surround Sound and it is a treat. This is a bit of a personal rant, but I believe there is a future with surround recordings with BlueRay technology hitting the markets. I want to be the Engineer mixing Imogen's records for a Surround format - mainly because there's a lot of potential ruination with her songs.

[/end rant]

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I'm doing 15 things at once...

Have you heard "Glittering Cloud"??

AhMyGod it's amazing! It's really inspirational.

It's available on her myspace for a listen
ahh I tried to embed the Myspace player, but it won't let me.

anyhow: Imogen's Myspace currently has the song "Glittering Cloud" up - a new composition which... [I'm distracted! I keep wanting to listen but I gotta finish this]

The song is one of ten on the Margate Exodus Plague Songs CD. The song she performed was an original take on the Glittering Cloud about the Plague of Locusts.

Here's what the website says:
[[ click here ]]

Ten international singer-songwriters have each been commissioned by Artangel to write and record a song inspired by one of the ten biblical plagues. Following the original biblical order of the plagues, Plague Songs opens with Klashnekoff’s menacing Blood, via King Creosote’s bewitching Relate the Tale (Frogs) and Brian Eno and Robert Wyatt’s insistent Flies, Laurie Anderson’s mournful The Fifth Plague (Death of Livestock) and Imogen Heap’s mesmeric Glittering Cloud (Locusts) to Scott Walker’s evocation of Darkness and Rufus Wainwright’s tragic Katonah (Death of The Firstborn).

On 30 September 2006 as part of Exodus Day local singers and musicians performed their own versions of the original Plague Songs at a concert at the Winter Gardens in Margate. The concert was produced by Musical Director David Coulter and Vocal Director Mary King.

1. Klashnekoff : Blood [Plague of Blood]
2. King Creosote : Relate The Tale [Plague of Frogs]
3. Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields) : The Meaning of Lice [Plague of Lice]
4. Brian Eno & Robert Wyatt : Flies [Plague of Flies]
5. Laurie Anderson : The Fifth Plague [Death of Livestock]
6. Cody ChesnuTT : Boils [Plague of Boils]
7. The Tiger Lillies : Hailstones [Plague of Hail]
8. Imogen Heap : Glittering Cloud [Plague of Locusts]
9. Scott Walker : Darkness [Plague of Darkness]
10. Rufus Wainwright : Katonah [Death of The Firstborn]

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Breathe In

Hello~ first post here ^^

I had some fun and made a wallpaper... actually two versions, one with lyrics from Breathe In and the other without.

Read more...Collapse )

Comments are appreciated, and credit if taking please ^_^ also no direct linking, plzthx

I'll make some icons to match the wallpapers as well ^^

also posting in imogenfans
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"Headlock" Single now available as Pre-Order



CLICK HERE to be directed to the Official Online Store!

There you can buy:

(1) Imogen Heap: Headlock - Two Format Deal £3.98
Buy both formats and receive a unique Imogen Heap Signed Print*
This multi-buy offer pack contains the following products:
CD Single AND
7 inch single

(2) Imogen Heap: Headlock 7 Inch single
(3) Imogen Heap: Headlock CD Single
for £1.99 EACH

Track Listing

7 Inch Single
A. Headlock (Immis radio mix)
B. Mic Check

CD Single
1. Headlock (Immis radio mix)
2. Mic Check
3. Headlock Video


Total billing for me in the States:
Product + P&P Charge (S&H for American English) = TOTAL
£3.57 + £3.98 = £7.55
$7.53 + $6.75 =$14.28
But, as always, it is priceless. =)

Ryan Obermeyer, who has created the fantastic artwork/photographic elements of the Singles, is at it again. The artwork does not disappoint, and here is a behind-the-scenes look at what he has been up to this time.


U-MYX has been a medium of music in my life for the past couple of hours. I stopped only about an hour ago after messing around for over 5 hours (on and off) with it. Here is what I accomplished: = 4.36MB

There were a lot of parts taken out and put back in and the songs movement reflects that. I'm gonna try piecing it back together with another perspective. But again, here is the link to DL the [sample] program which lets you remix artists' work

IMMI's Tour Dates!
In North America, the supporting artist is Magnet

If you've not heard Magnet - his music is definitely perfectly suitable to place next to a collection of Imogen Heap tunes. Please enjoy the ambience of these tracks:

He has the same timbre in his voice as Jamie Cullum with some phrases. The song "Hold On" has the feeling of Jamie Cullum meets DeathCab For Cutie meets the Notwist [check out the Notwist if you've not heard].

[/ END ]

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I'm not sure how many of you have myspace and have Imogen as a friend, but there was a bulletin posted today.. this news is probably on her website too. But I thought I'd share. It's such exciting news!

Subject: Canada/US Tour Dates!!
Body: Hello Duckies -

It's that time of year. Here's the Canada/US tour dates for November and December of this year. Ticket information will be up soon and remember, is a plethora of information!

Nov. 2006
07 Montreal, QC
08 Toronto, ON
10 Philadelphia, PA
11 Boston, MA
12 New York, NY
15 Norfolk, VA
16 Asheville, NC
18 New Orleans, LA
19 Atlanta, GA
20 Nashville, TN
22 Houston, TX
24 Dallas, TX
27 Albuquerque, NM
28 Phoenix, AZ

Dec. 2006
05 Portland, OR
06 Seattle, WA
08 Salt Lake City, UT
10 Denver, CO
12 Larence, KS
13 St. Louis, MO
15 Minneapolis, MN
16 Milwaukee, WI
18 Royal Oak, MI

Remember, Imogen has a UK tour in October and tickets are still available for those dates. More information along with links to ticket purchasing can be found at, cheers.


Thought id share how Frou Frou influenced me

If you could pick 3 albums that have influenced your life the most...what would they be and why?

1) Frou Frou - Details: This album sparked my interest in different types of music. Before Frou Frou i mainly just listened to mainstream pop but the different sounds of Frou Frou had me look for music from different genres and countries.

2) Prozzak - Hot Show: I got this CD after i fell in love with their Simon and Milo CD. This CD made me completely grow up from my younger music years. Their lyrics were a bit adult so it helped me realize i was mature enough for new music. This album made me realize i was ready to listen to new music and grow up some. Plus it established Prozzak as my fave band.

3) Utada Hikaru - Exodus: This is one of the most creative albums i have. Each song is so unique and different. It opened me up to more expeirmental music. After this album i yearned for more creative things and variety.